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METCO Part 75 Qualifications


  • METCO test teams are all staffed with full-time employees of METCO.
  • Teams have extensive experience that enables them to operate efficiently.
  • Familiarity with a variety of CEMS Systems enables METCO to assist plant personnel in the trouble-shooting of CEM problems.
  • Scheduling Flexibility - METCO will adjust to the plant's operating schedule.
  • Equipment - Extra equipment is routinely brought to the plant site to minimize the Reference Method downtime.
  • Safety - METCO has an excellent safety record, and maintains the highest safety standards in the industry
  • Staffing - Projects are adequately staffed and optimally scheduled.


  • Highly trained and experienced test teams.
  • Calibrated Equipment.
  • METCO has always calibrated its Pitot Tubes in METCO wind tunnels.
  • METCO has always known of the high bias in Method 2 when the "geometric" calibration of .84 is used.
  • The use of calibrated Pitot Tubes by METCO has resulted in an average of a 4 percent lower stack flow rate measurement.
  • Cyclonic flow check for each flow RATA.
  • Daily NOx Converter Checks.
  • Method 3 (ORSAT) verification of Method 3A results.
  • RATA results provided on-site.
  • Quality Assured Reports in 2 weeks or less.


  • Utility Industry Experience Since 1978
  • Part 75 Experience Since 1995
  • Over 20 Utility Systems
  • Over 200 Gas/Oil Fired Unit
  • Over 50 Coal Fired Units
  • Over 40 Appendix E Peaking Units
  • FTIR
  • On-Site GC Analysis for Method 30B
  • EPA and State Compliance Testing for Criteria Pollutants
  • Control Device Performance Testing
  • Flow Rate Studies
  • Particle Size Testing
  • Property Line Sampling
  • Mercury, Beryllium, and Total Metals Testing
  • Alternative Fuels Emission Testing
  • Boiler and Turbine Performance Testing
  • Reference Method Test Equipment Calibrations

For further information or to request a meeting at your facility, please contact:

Byron C. Gies
Manager, Business Development
979.553.4398 FAX

Mike Hutcherson
Director of Field Operations