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METCO Pulp & Paper Qualifications

METCO has been performing source testing at paper mills since 1978.  Below is a partial list of industry specific sources METCO has tested:

  • Recovery Boilers
  • Lime Kilns
  • Power Boilers
  • Smelt Dissolving Tanks
  • Chlorine Scrubbers
  • Tank Vents
  • Slaker Stacks
  • Brown Stock Washers
  • Non-Condensable Gasses

METCO can support the full range of testing requirements for the pulp and paper industry including EPA Method 16 and 16A. Additionally, METCO is prepared to assist the industry with integrity testing as required by the Cluster Rule. These testing requirements, found at 40 CFR 63.450 and 40 CFR.453, establish the integrity of positive and negative pressure closed-vent systems.

It would be easy to assume that leak integrity testing, due to its apparent simplicity, is less rigorous than other types of emission testing; however, knowledgeable mill environmental managers recognize the importance of proper application and performance of the test protocols required for leak integrity system testing at paper mills. After all, the reported data will:

  • carry the same legal implications as other reported emission data,
  • support maintenance decisions that may involve costly components and process downtime, and
  • guide capital expenditure planning with respect to collection and destruction systems.

METCO has invested substantial effort and expense in the research of proper instrumentation and technique for the performance of leak integrity testing of closed-vent systems using EPA Method 21. To that end, METCO communicated regularly with NCASI during the bench studies, requested and obtained NCASI observation during the field trials, and submitted research and development data to NCASI for subsequent use in its recommendations to the industry regarding Method 21.

By selecting METCO for leak integrity testing projects, Pulp and Paper clients can be confident that:

  • Survey instrumentation and procedures will fully conform to the requirements of EPA Method 21 with respect to response factors, response time, and calibration drift.
  • Field work will be conducted by experienced emission testing professionals familiar with test procedures.
  • The leak integrity test program will be carried out with the rigor and attention to detail required of any emission test program.
  • The data will be representative of source conditions and fully support compliance demonstration, mill maintenance, and capital expenditure activities and decisions.

We look forward to bringing our qualifications and experience to work for you.

For further information contact:

Mike Hutcherson
Director of Field Operations
972.931.8398 FAX

    Byron C. Gies
    Manager, Business Development
    979.553.4398 FAX