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METCO Advantage

 METCO Environmental is an affiliate company of TestAmerica Analytical Testing Corp. and has been in the business of source testing and air quality studies since 1978. METCO has performed sampling on over 25,000 sources and has provided the highest quality data to its clients. METCO is staffed by highly qualified and trained full-time professional employees who maintain the highest safety standards in the industry.

  • 40 years’ experience in the industry
  • 15 fully equipped mobile testing vehicles and a large well-trained field staff allow our clients rapid response and maximum scheduling flexibility
  • Maintains the highest safety standards in the industry
  • Internally developed Quality Management System utilized on all projects
  • All field personnel are college degreed professionals
  • Senior staff, including a PhD chemist, always available for any client requirements or needs
  • Unparalleled in-house training program sets the standard for the industry
  • METCO’s senior staff has an average of 26 years’ experience in the industry
  • Dedicated, full-time reports department providing timely and accurate data for our clients
  • In-house analytical laboratory to provide our clients with consistent quality and expedited results