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On-site Analysis

METCO offers on-demand, on-site analysis through two TCEQ accredited mobile laboratories. Our accredited mobile laboratories are capable of analyzing Particulate Matter, Halogens/Halides, Ammonia, and Gaseous Organic Compound Emissions. METCO is also accredited to perform on-site Mercury and FTIR analysis.



EPA Methods 5, 5B, 5F, 5I, 17 and 202

Particulate Matter

EPA Method 11

Hydrogen Sulfide

EPA Method CTM-027


EPA Method 18

Gaseous Organic Compound Emissions by GC

EPA Methods 26 and 26A

Hydrogen Halides and Halogens

EPA Method 30B


EPA Method 320

Vapor Phase Organic and Inorganic Emissions by Extractive FTIR

EPA Method 321

Gaseous Hydrogen Chloride Emissions at Portland Cement Kilns by FTIR